Washing your Coverups.ca cotton facemasks.

1. One use, one wash

Once a mask has been worn, for no matter how short the time, it should be washed accordingly.

2. Use hot water & soap.

When washing your cotton face masks, you want to be sure to kill any germs, so temperature matters. Coverups.ca recommends that all masks be washed by hand, to prolong the life of your masks.

In a clean bowl, with hot water wet and rub masks vigorously with hand wash soap until you have a good lather. Then let the masks soak in the hot soapy water for 30 minutes.

3. Drying your facemasks

With clean hands, rinse and ring the clean masks of any excess water. This will help with the masks drying overnight. Place your masks on a clean towel and roll gently. This will allow them to dry more effectively for the morning.

Coverups.ca makes all their mask with elastic loops, so we recommend you skip the dryer and hang all your masks to dry. This will prolong the life of your masks.
Hang to dry with clothespins, or over a string. If you are drying your masks during the day, hanging them in direct sunlight will help breakdown the virus.

Storing your Coverups.ca cotton masks.

1. Package Individually

Once you have washed and dried your masks, and having cleaned your hands, place each mask in their respective resealable plastic bag. This will help ensure that you will not accidentally contaminate your entire day’s supply.

2. Store soiled masks separately

Once you have removed your used cotton mask, place it in a sealable plastic bag until such time that it can be washed properly (see above)