SITE masks were created to help our community get back work and get our economy growing again. We believe that having the right information now is more important than ever. The CDC is promoting the use of fabric masks, not as a protection from the disease, but as a means of slowing its spread throughout our communities. At we know how important it is to be social again and have made it our mission to deliver a product and mindset that will help us all get there.

Now, while cotton masks are being advised as the best choice forward, this is only when they are used properly. Improper use of these masks will have the opposite of the desired result and aid in the continued spread of Covid-19.

To support the workforce, we make a high-quality reusable cotton mask, that can cover you for up to an hour effectively. Depending on your workday, this could mean the need for 4-8 clean cotton facemasks daily.

In order to provide our workforce with the basic tools for their workday, delivers our introductory Workday Promotion: based on 8 reusable, washable cotton facemasks for every hour of your normal workday. This is our new normal, to be able to work and minimize the risk that you could spread the virus. Will you be prepared?

All masks work best when they are dry and clean. Cotton and N95 facemasks are rendered ineffective when moist or worse wet. This happens with an hour of normal wear and exposure to the regular rate of breathing.  This timeframe can be greatly reduced if the wearer is engaged in more strenuous or stressful activities or if the wearer coughs or sneezes. Furthermore, any contamination of the mask will require its replacement with a new mask. In addition to any normal wear, any time a mask is removed for a period: stopping for lunch, blowing your nose I replacement is also required.

The effective use of masks to stop the spread of the virus must always require a clean and dry mask.

At we have created masks at an affordable price so that you have what you need each day.  Proper hand/ glove washing before masks are removed and once again before a new mask is put on is essential to the effectiveness of safe mask-wearing.

Disposable masks work very well, though they come at considerable expense. Financial costs, environmental impact, contamination problems and supply chain inconsistencies make single-use masks well suited to only a very specific type of user. With even the cheapest mask, one week will see a similar expense after one week of use. Single-use masks carry a considerable environmental footprint in their manufacture and in their disposal. The sterile delivery of single-use masks is a non-sequitur, any potential contamination between manufacture and delivery make the entire lot useless. So until such time that the CDC and WHO suggest that wide adoption of responsible mask-wearing protocols are no longer effective, will be making and selling a cleanable, reusable and cost-effective mask.

Going back to work may be a bit scary, but if we all contain the virus and don’t spread it, we will bring down the cases in hospitals considerably: we do have the power to make a difference.