The Full Work Day Package

This tailored to offer you the best quality masks to effectively minimize the spread of this virus, by providing one mask per hour. According to the CDC, a mask, fabric and N95 alike, is wearable up to one hour, or until it gets wet from mouth spittle. Only a dry, clean mask can help contain the virus if the wearer is unaware they are infected. Washing these masks each day with soap and water and allowing them to dry fully, will render them ready for continuous use.

The four hour day or part-time work package will require 4 masks.

The minimum requirement for those at home is two, a spare to always be properly stored and ready for action.

At COVerups, we want you to be safe, by reaching out and creating these packages for the best price. Tell a friend about us, spread the word, not the virus”

“Spread the word on COVerup Masks, not the Virus”

Why not Filters?

According to the CDC, only N95 masks have built-in filters that prevent the inhalation of the Covid virus into the body.
Cotton masks, while not surgical grade, prevent the spread of the virus by containing the spittle, that otherwise would be air born and easily inhaled into the body.

COVerups are cotton masks made to fit comfortably, a breath easily. Our Fabrics and elastic are of the best quality, combined with our sewing technique, which has ensured that this mask will last for a long time, including a daily wash and hang dry.

We have eliminated the extra layers of anything else, as anything extra, would not protect you further, but would rather render the mask harder to breathe through.
We want these masks to become a normal part of your day. We want you to be as cool and comfortable as possible while maintaining an environment of safety at work and in the community.

8 masks for the 8 hour workday For $64

4 masks for the 4 hour workday for $40

Please take advantage of this offer and prepare yourself for our future.

We are offering flat rate delivery within a 12 km diameter of our packaging office.

We recommend for both workday packages to travel with 2 sealable ziplock bags; one bag for the clean masks and one bag for the used masks to be washed.

These masks are made to last, so washing them every day is a MUST. Place all the used masks in a bowl with soap and warm water, let them sit there for about 5 minutes. Then, gently rub them to create more soap suds and rinse with warm, clean water. Before hanging them to dry, we suggest placing the fabric masks on a clean towel, roll up the towel and ring gently. This will eliminate some of the water and allow it to dry effectively for the morning.
Hand to dry flat with clothespins, or over a string hanging mechanism, preferably by a window, As ultraviolet rays also break down the virus, for additional protection.
COVerups are made of the best quality fabric and elastic, so wash up, these masks will see you through this….you are not alone.


At work:

When removing a used mask, we strongly recommend washing your hands/gloves in warm soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Remove the mask into the ziplock bag ready to store it. Once again wash your hands/gloves with soap and warm water for another 20 seconds and extract a clean mask for your bag of clean masks. With clean hands, put on your new mask. We suggest taking a short wash break hourly, to work the mask removal/reapplication into your normal workday.
This is a bit of work, but according to the CDC dry mask is effective and a wet or moist mask is not effective.
Protect your workplace, protect your workmates.

At home:

Always hang your masks for ready use. We are in this for a while, so making masks accessible is imperative to its success. Always keep a spare with you, in a clean, sealed bag.

We want you to be safe. “We want to spread the word, not the Virus”
We are very happy to offer you and all your friends and family and colleagues an introductory offer for the month of MAY. To ensure your safety at the best price, COVerups will be offering our lavender cotton mask, with an organic cotton liner in 2 value packages:

8 masks for the 8 hour workday For $64
4 masks for the 4 hour workday for $40

Please take advantage of this offer and prepare yourself for our future.
We are offering free shipping to orders 8 or more within a 12 km diameter of our packaging office.

We want to help and keep you safe.